The humans in urban space
The influence of architecture on our thoughts, feelings and actions is direct and formative. This applies in particular to interpersonal relationships in the urban structures in which people move around. Cities are places of connection, but a special architectural design alone does not necessarily turn a place into “your” personal, special space. This transformation only happens when a profound relationship between people and the space is created and can be experienced in concrete terms. An inspiring environment, the opportunity for personal development and space for interaction are some of the factors that make a space an individual and meaningful place.
In my series “People in urban space” I focus on the successful connection between people and architecture. The type of building itself forms the base with lines, graphic elements and structures that influence my image composition. But it is only through the presence of people that this space is filled with life. People find themselves in the urban environment and as individuals develop an awareness of their role as part of the whole.